Samsung galaxy note 9 top 10 features | worth the upgrade over Note 8

The official Samsung Galaxy Note 9 day is here. A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at the 9th day of the month. It’s time to take a look at it’s top 10 official features. What’s actually new behind the same looking shell as Samsung Galaxy Note 8. More importantly is it worth your money or your kidneys depending on what payment method you prefer.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 top 10 features

  1. Battery

Samsung Galaxy note 9 top 10 features
Samsung Galaxy note 9 top 10 features
If you ask me what’s the single best thing about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 features and out of all features this is one that’s most amazing. Finally a 4000 mAh battery on a Samsung flagship phone. Finally a Note phone is going to have a bigger battery than the S+ phones. Last year’s S8 plus and this year’s S9 plus both have bigger battery than The Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So this is a huge change and Samsung has promised in a official trailer that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will give you a solid full day usage, something hardly a major flagship can do. This is definitely a major improvement over the Galaxy Note 8 which has not so good battery life.
  1. Spen

Next up we have new super powerful Spen. The Spen is now powerful because for the first time it supports Bluetooth. Oh a stylus supports Bluetooth to allow you to control your phone without touching it. You can press the Spen to launch camera and taking photos, controlling the musics, sound recording, remote lock your phone etc. So clearly it’s not average Spen which you used to draw on your phone. The Spen can wirelessly charge from your phone it connected to your phone. A 40 seconds charge will give you about 30 minutes of Bluetooth action and apparently this Bluetooth functionality is going to work with other android devices as well and also it will separately available from Samsung.
  1. AI camera

Moving on we have new AI camera. With Samsung Galaxy S9 plus Samsung introduced it’s variable apertures camera. Variable aperture which we have never seen on any phone, variable aperture was amazing with it’s great hardware but now Samsung is delivering the software as well. With Galaxy Note 9 Samsung is finally implementing AI to it’s camera application. So AI will help you take best shot possibly in different scenarios optimising the colour, contrast, white balance and exposure. AI technology is also going to optimise the camera based on scene, human, landscape, animal or food. It also has speech bubbles that will let you know if the person has closed his eyes or blinked. It will detect all the possible errors and it will show that in a bubble pop up. Now the actual camera set up is same as the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus 12+12 megapixels rear view camera with f1.5/f2.4 aperture sensor. It’s absolutely one of the best cameras you can in your phone in 2018 with low light performance. The low camera shots are amazing. Now Samsung is stepping up the game in software development in camera. Hopefully it will do what pixel phones can do with it’s HDR+ tech.
  1. Storage

Samsung Galaxy note 9 top 10 features
Samsung Galaxy note 9 top 10 features
Next up is the ultimate storage, with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you will get 512 gb of internal storage with SD card support which could combine the storage upto 1tb storage. Best of this for those who are going with the base model which now comes with 128gb of default storage. It’s a sweet spot I am glad that Samsung achieved this.
  1. AI UX

Next we have the Galaxy UI UX. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be rocking with the latest upgraded version of Galaxy Experience UI. It’s more based on Bixby 2.0. it’s mainly about AI functions how AI will optimise everything, gives apps suggestions. The stuff you used mostly. Other than that there will be some new customisation feature edition available in Samsung Galaxy Note 9. You can expect the good lock features will be implemented here. There is also be new ar emojis and new algorithms for camera I mentioned previously which is AI camera making it better than your S9 Plus. Whatever your Spen colour will be, it will match with your screen memo colour.
  1. Better Fingerprint Scanner Position

Next up we have better Fingerprint Scanner Position. The major design change Samsung had to make to change the position of the fingerprint sensor. Now the fingerprint scanner position is below the camera which is more convenient. So you don’t have to smudge the camera when you the fingerprint scanner.
  1. Fortnite Ready

Next up is Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be the firat and only phone which will be ready with Fortnite gameplay for first 30 days. All of you fortnite lover be happy because you will love to play fortnite on the big amoled display.
  1. Dex Mode

With the help of a single cable you can now transform your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 into a full workstation beast. It actually has a better cooling system inside of it that it will handle everything without getting hot and in Dex Mode. In fact you can still be able to take notes in Dex Mode. No need to buy extra Dex accessory because note 9 itself is a Dex.
  1. Performance

Next up is the performance because it’s going to be the best performance smartphone from Samsung ever. Yes it will be best galaxy phone ever because it’s going to have nearly 8gb of RAM combine with SD845/Exynos 9810. This thing will fly through from all of this gaming, heavy multitasking etc. In new software edition Samsung ensured that the performance will be top notch.
  1. Most Options

The last but not the least, with Note 9 you will get most complete Samsung note phone ever. From it’s design to fingerprint scanner and keeping the good old headphone jack which most of companies removed. Also you will get dual stereo speakers with Dolby Atmos.
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