Samsung Galaxy Note 9 official look

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with roasting Apple official teaser from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with roasting Apple official teaser from Samsung :

Hey guys and it’s tie to bring it on! Samsung is going all in making fun of Apple and Chinese OEMs in a series of a Galaxy Note 9 event teasers. Now we know everything about the note 9 from it’s design to specifications and even the potential pricing which got leaked a couple of hours ago with the Galaxy Note 9 if you preorder. You’ll be getting some goodies. So the official pricing could be around 900 to 950 dollars. In case you still don’t know. August 9th is the official event day for the Galaxy Note 9 announcement and Samsung is now making fun of Apple and Chinese OEMs in their new series of teasers named “A lot can change in a day”. Also they made fun of Apple specifically even more which you will see later on. Now before we see the teasers a quick look at Samsung’s official statement regarding the Galaxy Note 9.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 official release date
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 official release date

[beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]On August 9 the New York City Samsung Electronics will unveil a device that will allow you to get the most out of everything you do. The newest addition to the Galaxy family’s most premium line has been optimized from the inside out to keep up with users busy lives with technologies that raise the bar for smartphone power performance and speed. Together these enhancements will make Samsung’s newest flagship its most powerful yet and the only device you need to manage your work play and everything in between.[/beautifulquote]

Source : Samsung
 So Galaxy Note 9 is your most complete Samsung phone ever. It checks pretty much every box that you can think of battery display performance like on paper. This thing is amazing and also in reality is going to have the best and the most awesome features on any Samsung phone. Samsung has probably done some software and has been particularly with the Bixby 2.0 which ice universe says that it is really really improved and worth waiting for. And of course the s pen is improved as well with Bluetooth connectivity we actually got some live images of the s pen side by side of the previous S pen and it has a blue tape on yellow color. The blue tape is a symbol for the Bluetooth.
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 So in terms of the design the s pen is still similar to the old one but with the help of the new colors you will be able to differentiate between the new and the old s pen so overall in Samsung words it’s going to be enough for everything. Now let’s take a look at the official Galaxy Note 9 event teasers the obvious strong point of the note 9 which we haven’t seen on any of the previous flagship phone from Samsung is its battery. And yes in case you don’t know the Galaxy Note 9 going to have the largest battery ever seen on a note phone or any Samsung flagship phone it’s coming at 4000 mAh cell and it’s surely going to last long.
 In the teaser you can see a phone which is not an iPhone with the physical look but software does look a lot like iOS. So basically they’re taking shots at Apple. The iPhone 10 really isn’t that good battery wise. But of course the iPhone 10 plus this year will bring the ultimate heat. But yeah the 10 is not that great. And this also includes the Chinese phones as well just pretty much showing that all those phones are not that good battery wise. And ironically this does include the Galaxy Note 8 as well which is also not that impressive. Moving on is storage now Note 9 is expected to offer 128 gigabyte of storage by default which is amazing with the iPhone X and you get to 64 gigabyte of internal memory with the base model for one thousand dollars. And it actually runs out pretty quick in 2018 because these apps that we use they are starting to take a lot of space at time. And I mean really for 2018 standard 64 gigabyte is actually not a lot. So Galaxy Note 9 is going to have 128gb storage with added external SD card slot. So you can even buy a five hundred and twelve gigabyte model as well which are launching in selective markets and the final one is taking a shot at Chinese phones for their lack of performance and it’s titles phones too slow.
Now we know Snapdragon 845 will be inside the Galaxy Note 9 and it’s really good it performs really fast. It has faster download speeds compared to the iPhone because of a faster model. After all these teaser Note 9 shots we can conclude that the galaxy Note 9 will be going to have a solid battery performance and lots of storage compare to the competition. These are the three strong point of this phone and other than that the design and all that stuff is similar to the Note 8. Now other than these teasers Samsung has a whole ingenius series to roast Apple talking about the notcy that it takes the space on the display while watching content. Of course that you won’t ever see on galaxy s9 or any other Samsung phones for in the future because oh boy they have made it perfectly clear in this roast that the notch will never be the fate of a Samsung Galaxy. So they are roasting them showing off the the family. First this was this guy and this kid. Now we had this girl who what is that. Samsung proceeds to roast the stories on the iPhone because there is no way you can put an external card on your iPhone because you only get on the Galaxy S9 and finally the speed yes! this is a big one. The Galaxy S9 uses Qualcomm’s latest modem and apparently it’s about 25 percent faster than Intel’s chips found inside the iPhone X.
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Apparently there are some issues between Apple and Qualcomm. They refused to use Qualcomm modems or the future iPhone models as well. Which could mean that the set lower speeds will still be 25 to 30 percent faster on the Galaxy S9 and the Note 9 eventually. Also a very exciting news is that of the Galaxy Note 9. You won’t be needing a Samsung Dex pad in order to connect it to your TV. All you need because now you will be able to connect your galaxy Note 9 to a bigger display with the help of a simple USB type C cable and a display port adapter. However without the docking station you won’t be able to charge the phone at the same time. Also Samsung destination actually cools down the phone when the phone is in use when playing high quality media. So yes it’s possible to use the note 9 without Dex if you don’t want to buy the Samsung dex. Fine you can still connect your phone via USB types C but if you want to have USB ports and you want to have the phone charging at the same time as well then there’s definitely a better to go with the Samsung Dex.

Fortnight game offer for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Now if you are a fortnight lover you’re going to love the Note 9 even more because it’s coming fortnight game exclusively according to the news the Fortnight for Android really launched alongside the Note 9.
But it will be exclusive to the Galaxy Note 9 for the first 30 days and on September 23 it will get launched for the rest of Android world. Now if you’re going to preorder the Galaxy Note 9 you will going to receive 100 to 150 dollar of cash in fortnight game currency. So Note 9 is an incredibly amazing phone the best Samsung phone for the current time it’s the most perfect as well but it isn’t for everyone especially those who are on the Galaxy Note 8 highly recommend to go with the Note 8 and save some cash for the Galaxy S10 which is still about six months away. So that has plenty of time that you can spend with your Note 8 and then buy the S10 which is going to have the biggest changes as you were going to find on a Samsung phone. So I’m really excited for that. I’ve covered up some recent news but you can check out on my channel. But yeah this is all regarding the Galaxy Note 9. Hopefully Samsung will deliver all of these promises that they have made in these teasers. But again let me know your thoughts down below in the comments section.
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